Not a Sparrow Falls


“Not a sparrow falls to the ground without your Father knowing it.” Matthew 10:29

“I know every bird of the mountain, and everything that moves in the field is Mine.” Psalm 50:10-11

Around 2015 Holy Spirit started telling me over and over, “I want to restore harmony between man and creation.” I have a strong empathic connection with animals and  ‘Spirit speaks to me in animal symbolism much of the time so I was already on board with this plan. But, I thought it was a good time to start writing down and sharing my experiences in that area since it seemed to be what God was telling me he is doing now.

My wife was away in India doing some work with Tyler Johnson who started The DRT (the Dead Raising Team.) I was home at the kitchen table working on consolidating some of my experiences into written material I could share. As I was typing away I heard a hard thud against one of our large living room windows. Ugh, a bird hit the window. Poor little guy. I didn’t look up from my work. a minute went by and I heard Holy Spirit tell me, “Let’s go bring that bird back to life.” Okay … I went out and found the bird. It was laying in the shrub next to my window limp and lifeless, gracelessly stuck upside down in the branches. I gathered its limp body and reassembled it back into the best version of a resting bird I could. I started to hum to it.  Humming seemed a good place to start. I felt I should gently blow on it and release the same breath of life that Creator animated me with. God is, after all, within us and I am made in his image and likeness … seemed like logic. I prayed in tongues and didn’t really have any profound words, prayers, or incantations. I just encouraged it to come back to us.

About 10 minutes went by. It was probably more like 5, but when you have a dead bird in your hand time doesn’t seem to move very fast. I studied the bird. So intricate these little guys are. I never really get to stop and see one this close. Beautiful creature. Just then, its neck, which I would swear was broken, straightened up and his little beady eyes opened and looked up at me. I imagine later he had his own story of how he died and woke up in the hand of who he thought was God. It didn’t struggle. Its heart didn’t beat fast. It just sat there staring at me. I held him for a good 20 more minutes as I worked, letting him take his time waking up. You have had a long journey there little bird. I finally walked outside and encouraged him to fly off. He did so without faltering, but not before he looked me in the eyes for some time.

I know what you’re thinking, because after about 10 minutes I was thinking it too. The bird was just knocked out. Entirely possible. However, two days later: same scenario … another thud on the glass. “Go get the bird.” Yes, on it. Now, if there was a looks-dead-meter, the first bird was like an 8 on a scale of 1-10. This bird was more like a 10.5. Its neck rolled about like it had no bones in it and its eyes were blood red, wide open and staring blankly into space. Oh … this one might take more than humming. I repeated the scenario from the last bird. Same results. This bird though … I watched as this bird’s neck, which looked shattered, straighten up like a pin and its eyes went from dull blood red back to glossy black right in front of me in about three seconds. Okay, okay … I am sorry for doubting the first bird. That was legit. Bird 2 would never get out of my hand so I sat him on a lounge chair on my deck and he flew off shortly after.

Two days later. A bigger thud. Now what, did a chicken hit my window!? Nope, it was a quail. Same scenario. Appears stone dead, broken neck and flung into the shrub likeFullSizeRender 9 a discarded rag. Humming … breath of life … pep-talk . Wakes up, won’t leave and eventually is back running along side his buddies. Quail prefer to run.

I was thinking what’s next, an eagle … blue heron? I don’t know if my windows can hold up to that kind of impact. That was, however, the end of the bird resurrections. Holy Sprit most often speaks to me in threes and there I had it. Three birds brought back to life as I was writing on God’s love for his creatures. And, while my wife was away working with some other nut who thinks the Bible wasn’t kidding when Jesus said we would raise the dead. I say nut in the most admirable way. I have not raised another animal or human from the dead since, if you’re wondering. There was one failed attempt on a chick last year while on vacation in Kauai.  Think its problem may have been the fact that everyone is always cursing the chickens on the island. I’ll never know.

So there you have it my friends. The story of resurrecting the three little birds. Queue the Bob Marley.

Oh yes, and those are two of the actual birds in the photos.

Be free


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