What is my animal?



Spirit Animal?

Can you tell me what my animal is? This is a question I get from people all the time once they learn that Holy Spirit speaks to me in animal symbolism. The short answer is no, I cannot. Not like you think. That is not how it works. The other question I get asked often is what does a (random animal) mean? My answer is always the same. It depends on the context. Before we dive down that rabbit hole let me give some background.

I have a history of Animal Empathy.

I have had an unusual empathy for animals since I was very young. Ironically, I come from a family of hunters. It has manifested in various ways throughout my life. It wasn’t until around 2009 when I went through a major spiritual healing and began to rapidly grow in my spiritual gifts that I discovered that Holy Spirit was speaking to me primarily in animal symbolism. In dreams, the natural, visions, art and while prophetically ministering to people. I will most often see an animal for them which represents who they are or what God is saying about them in that moment or season. It is like a door I go through to then hear what God is saying. Why is this? I have no idea. I think Spirit just knows what we will relate to and is the greatest communicator ever. Maybe it’s because as a kid I read that King Solomon asked for wisdom and it pleased God. That really stood out to me as something I needed and I would pray for wisdom constantly. One of the things we read about Solomon is people would travel from around the globe to hear him speak about the natural world. I may have inherited a bit of that animal wisdom from that request as a side effect.

 2 Kings 4:33-34 Solomon spoke of the trees from the cedars of Lebanon even to the hyssop that grows on the wall; he also spoke of animals and birds and creeping things and fish. Men came from all people to hear the wisdom of Solomon from the kings of the earth who had heard of his wisdom. 

Some people are numbers people, some see words. I just happen to see in animal.

Yeah, yeah, cool … how do I find out what a hummingbird means?

Be patient. We will get there. When it comes to animal symbolism, like dream interpretation, most people want to pick up a book and look up the meaning of say … what a white convertible means or a crocodile … and while sometimes the convertible could mean you have an open heaven over you or crocodile is telling you need to be weary of a leviathan spirit, it could also mean you are going to see a white convertible in the natural realm that will mark a season starting in your life or you have powerful words and thick skin like a crocodile. A dog could represent a friend to one person or a threat to another if at some point in their life they were attacked by a dog. We love lions as they represent Jesus the Lion of Judah but in some parts of Africa there is a very real threat you may actually be killed by a lion. I bet they probably think of them more akin to a devil that a savior. In fact, the Devil is said to go around like a roaring lion in the Bible. Welcome to the jungle, kids.

So how do we know what means what? That is simple. You learn to hear Holy Spirit and the multifaceted way God speaks. God wants to communicate with you.

Ask God yourself!

As a prophet, it’s part of my job to connect people to God and teach them to hear for themselves. Holy Spirit once told me, “You know, most people just don’t expect me to actually talk to them.” Well … I’m here to tell you my friends, God loves to talk to us. It’s just not usually in English. All you have to do is ask the God that says he desires to give us good gifts to teach you to hear and start stewarding what you receive. In fact, God has probably been talking to you all along, you just thought it was going to look like a ball of light with Morgan Freeman’s voice coming out of it saying, “Thus sayeth Me … your spirit animal is a tree sloth!” That would be cool but … probably no. Actually, a sloth would likely mean you are predisposed to hang around your leaders but are not too quick to do anything but feed yourself. Sorry, I can’t help myself.

Learning to interpret animal symbolism and signs in nature is very much like learning dream interpretation. The more you work those muscles the stronger you get at it. However, if you are solely relying on your accumulated knowledge of what potentially means what, or a book of symbolism and their meanings, you are probably not getting the correct message. This is actually a distant relative of divination, in my opinion.

Not what you wanted to hear?

I know, annoying, right? You just want to know what your spirit animal is so you can get a tattoo and feel spiritually enlightened … form a Facebook group for fox people. Me too .. me too. What seeing animals looks like for me is this. As I mentioned earlier I will often look at someone and will see, get the impression of, or feel an animal. I will ask myself what I know about that animal if I do not get an immediate answer from Holy Spirit. If I do not know I do not make something up. I wait on the Lord. That part is very important. The answer will come. It has on occasion taken a day or even a week before I get an answer but eventually it just pops in my head. Sometimes, I have to search the matter out and do a little research on that animal to find the answer. That is part of the training though, because as you learn more about God’s creation and the attributes of each animal you are building a broader vocabulary to understand Holy Spirit. There is a blessing on going through the process of searching it out.

 Again, seeing animals is usually just a door for me to go through to hear what Holy Spirit is saying over a person in that season or in that moment. It is sometimes revealing a type of mascot, association or sign for them that speaks of a spiritual paradigm in their life. My friend Jennifer Eivaz, for example, will see a praying mantis in the natural quite often and for her that is a sign of the praying prophet. Mantis means prophet. Jennifer is a prophet who has a strong intercessory gift. I have friends who often see hummingbirds, ravens, wolves, bear etc… all significant for them when they surface in the spirit or natural as reminders, confirmations, encouragement or even warnings. Remember these are not spirit guides. I will likely share my thoughts on animal spirit guides and totems in the near future. Holy Spirit is our guide. Animals are messengers that partner with Holy Spirit to say what God is saying.

So, you see, it’s not about what your animal is. It is about what God is saying over you now and what is in agreement.

Oh … and your animal today is a kitten.

Curious and independent. The kitten is a symbol Holy Spirit uses time and time again in dreams to show me the young prophets and seers in training.

Be free

Sid ~

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